Hello and welcome to Van Der Stoep Photography

I would just like to introduce myself to new viewers. My name is Sam (Samantha) Van Der Stoep, I'm a '98 baby, and am a photographer based in Dysart, Central Highlands Qld, Aus.

Photography had always been one of my hobbies, from a very young age. I just love the amount of love and happiness that I feel when capturing those precious moments in life.

I never thought that photography was a career I would pursue. I found my drive for photography in my second year of university whilst studying a course in Wildlife Photography as part of my animal ecology degree in 2017. I finished this course with a high distinction and a new motive - to begin to expand my photography skills. I had always taken images of our pets and wildlife at home, but I began to take photos of friends and family members and posting them online. I began to receive a lot of praise from friends, family, and even followers on the internet, this is when I began to think "Hey, I really enjoy this! I should try and make this into more than just a hobby". (Thank you to Taylor, Kaylee, Shawn and my family for the push).

I began attending my local equestrian events and was receiving messages from people wanting to purchase images! Plus I was really enjoying editing photos for hours on end in my spare time.

So since 2017, I have been offering my services to the public to build my portfolio, get my name out there as this is what I love to do.

If you like my photos and want to organise a photoshoot, shoot me a message to book your session now! Thank you and I hope to meet with you soon!


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1 / 10

"Not only did Sam deliver the photos promptly, but the quality exceeded my expectations. Each shot was beautifully composed, and they managed to capture the essence of Twin Hills perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the outcome.
If you're looking for a photographer who combines talent, professionalism, and a fantastic personality, look no further than Van Der Stoep Photography. I highly recommend her services and can't wait to work with her again next year. Thank you for capturing our weekend so beautifully"

1 / 10